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Meet Erik; our spirited budtender ready to serve you with your next cannabis buy. He first began his journey with marijuana after meeting a medical marijuana grower in Michigan. He’s been using it ever since, as it has positively opened multiple aspects of his life. Erik found that weed has given him inner peace and bridges the gap between people. “Weed opens up walls and drops barriers so people can coexist with each other in harmony.” Erik views marijuana’s purpose the way cultures across the world do; as a way to enlighten minds. He offers his service for you to experience the same enlightenment at The ReLEAF Center.

“Our customer service is A1.”

Erik has helped a range of customers from cancer patients to people suffering from mental health issues.

Visit the ReLEAF Center and ask Erik about his Cannabis Routine (it’s genius).


You may see her running bags to the drive-through, but you also may not…she’s pretty fast! Taylor, one of our friendly budtenders, is known for her heart of gold and sincerity at The ReLEAF Center. She has a deep respect for each customer that walks into the dispensary. “Everyone is so friendly. Some people take ten or twenty minutes at a time. They are so respectful and understanding. People would sit outside for two hours before Covid with twelve inches of snow. They were standing out waiting for us. It is insane.” We’re all friends. It is like family.” Working at ReLEAF has given Taylor the confidence to break out of her former shell and build relationships with our clients who keep coming back for more. “I come off shy in the beginning but want everyone to feel like family. There is never a stupid question!” There certainly is much to learn about our cannabis at the dispensary. Allow Taylor to be your go-to girl for any weed questions. Ask about our indica strands, edibles, and other menu options. At ReLEAF, your options are endless, and our customers are our top priority. “I couldn’t pick a better place to work at to be honest!”


Erin has been part of the ReLEAF family for nine months and enjoys every bit of it. “I absolutely love it! Love, love, love the company, coworkers, and customers.” Erin has a knack for getting to know our customers on a personal basis and can turn first-time visitors into “regulars,” she knows by name. She also enjoys working outside budtending with her iPad. At home, Erin is a mother of three wonderful children and spends time out of work with them or catching up on her favorite shows. “At the end of the night I love to chill out with one of our amazing Indica strains and binge watch Netflix.


Jacie is a mother of two awesome kids. She enjoys reading poetry and long boarding in her free time. Jacie just recently retired from fourteen years of ballet dance. Her new hobby is skating. At the ReLEAF Center, Jacie loves to budtend, converse with patients and steer them in the right direction of their cannabis journey. “I joined the ReLEAF team five months ago and am so happy I did! I love a heavy sativa high and hitting a good skate session.” Her passions make a great fit for our dispensary, and she is welcome part of our team.


When you stop at our dispensaries, don’t be surprised if you hear a hearty laugh sounding through the shop. It is likely from Erin, known for her contagious laugh and smile. She truly loves working at the ReLEAF Center, and it shows. She has a particular taste for indicas and cannabis concentrates, so feel free to let her direct you with the perfect strand. On her days off, you’ll find Erica spending quality time with her three children, relaxing at home, and creating new dinner meals to them eating happy. She wears many hats, and is also known as the keeper of reception, Taekwondo instructor, and brown-belt Taekwondo student.


Bob loves working at ReLEAF, and we love Bob! His enthusiasm for the legalization of weed comes to the forefront of his customer experiences. “I literally get to meet people who have waited decades for this to be legal. When someone comes to us for the first time, I get to share in that excitement.” Bob’s main goal is to help people find the right products to fit their needs. He mostly uses Indica strains for smoking, although he admits edibles are his favorite. Bob’s edible expertise can guide you through the generous selection of weed-infused sweets at ReLEAF. Outside of work, he takes time being with his daughter. “I also like binge watching TV, driving to new places, playing pool, or roller skating (even though I’m not that good at it).” New adventures are always the best in Bob’s eyes.


Dave finds his time at The ReLEAF Center to be one of his most gratifying jobs. He has worked at the center for over a year. Cannabis has changed Dave’s life in many great ways, he believes, and he wants to use that knowledge from his experience to help people in their day to day struggles. He loves taking the time to help customers find their relief. “When I’m not working, I love to be out on the lake with my wife and two great danes.” What are Dave’s favorite products at ReLEAF? Concentrates, either out of glass rigs or electric ones. “It always does the trick.”


“Hello, my name is Ember!” Ember truly enjoys budtending and helping customers find the perfect cannabis product. She appreciates nature and listens to music. “There is nothing better than enjoying my favorite Indica strain and curling up on the couch for the evening!”



Brittney has been a member of our ReLeaf Family for three months. She loves working one-on-one with customers. Using effective questioning to identify customer needs, Brittney quickly finds the best products for them. Newly married, an army veteran, and self-proclaimed fur-mom are some ways she describes herself. On her days off, Brittney enjoys playing sports, smoking a nice Indica strain, and spending time with her wife, Nicole.

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