How Long will that gummy last?

The million dollar question, and our best answer to it.

When you inhale cannabis smoke the height effects can be felt almost instantaneously. When you eat an edible, meaning anything that goes from your mouth to your stomach, your metabolism comes into play. People with faster metabolism’s may experience the onset of the edible high sooner than people with slower metabolisms. We recommend taking edibles after a meal so the digestive processes have already begun. Edibles on an empty stomach typically hit harder and faster being the only thing your stomach has to process. Eating before hand insurers a smoother longer lasting high.

Because these factors are different for everyone, and the time of digestion can vary so much from person to person, people often take more than they need to. Always ask questions and read your product before consuming it. Often times packages will give you the recommended dosage and how much of the product you need to eat to achieve that dose. Portioning your edibles as soon as you open the package, makes dosing more precise, and you’re less likely to have an undesirable experience.

Speaking of undesirable experiences, they do happen even to the best of us. Just because you have a high tolerance smoking does not mean edibles effect you in the same way. So what happens if you’ve taken too much and you don’t feel so great? Breathe! Take some deep calming breaths and focus. Try to eat something sweet, low blood sugar is often plays a roll in ill affects, and if all else fails, reach for CBD. A recent study suggests that CBD may lessen the effects of anxiety and paranoia associated with THC consumption.