Cartridges vs. Concentrates

Whats the difference?

Our menus both online and in location list cartridges and concentrates in different category’s. Here I will explain a little bit about why, and which one you’re looking for. Both cartridges and solid concentrates are an extract product, a “concentrate” can be referred to anything from shatter, to live resin, to Bader, budder, and many more. The differences between solid concentrates is a whole other conversation, but we promise to over that later! So what separates these two products? Method of consumption is the same, product is the same, so what gives?

Cartridges are pre-filled c-cell tanks with built in atomizers that vaporize the product inside. Typically ranging from half of a gram to a full gram, cartridges offer a discrete and convenient vaping experience that cannabis users have grown to love. Typical C-cell cartridges require nothing more than a 510 thread battery. Some companies have moved to brand specific pods that require a different style of battery, always make sure you know what you’re getting so you can ensure you have the right equipment. Not sure? Don’t be afraid to ask, one of our staff would love to help point you in the right direction!

Solid concentrates also called “dabs” is the pure concentrated plant material product that is often vaporized in a water pipe or specialized electronic pen. We have both, so again ask! We love to show off our glass, and help our customers try something new! What’s right for you? We highly recommend speaking with a budtender to get a personalized recommendation. However consider what you already have, do you have equipment to vaporize solid concentrates or are thinking about getting a set up, or do you have or plan to get a battery to accompany a cartridge? Typically we recommend solid concentrates only to long time cannabis users as they are concentrated after all, it packs quite a punch and it can also requires a lot of equipment to vaporize the traditional way. Water pipe, banger, tool, carbcap, torch, and those are just the basics.

So you’ve made your choice you know what you want to get, how do you ensure your getting the right product? Look for key words like: C-Cell, 510, Cartridge, or alternately for those brand specific products they are often called pods, but again double check you have the correct battery to power that product. Ask, ask, and ask again! It is our job and our pleasure to ensure your not only leaving with the right products for you but also the confidence knowledge to use them.