The ReLEAF Centers are committed to improving the quality of our patients’ lives by providing medical cannabis and holistic health services to approved patients and caregivers.

We have watched other dispensary operators cut corners and make choices that we feel have threatened gains made in the public’s perception of medical marijuana. We have seen operators disregard the importance of valid attempts at regulatory compliance. And we have seen too many patients with needs that are not being met by the communities that we serve.

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We have committed ourselves to learning all that we could about medical cannabis policy and operations, contributing our own financial resources to our vision, increasing community awareness of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, reducing the stigma associated with use of cannabis for health purposes, and expanding access to this important medicine for the groups who need it most.

At The ReLEAF Centers, you can expect a safe, warm and welcoming environment where everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed. As one of Michigan’s first fully licensed medical cannabis facilities, we believe in using premium and natural products that promote holistic lifestyle choices. Through our soon to be opened growing and processing facilities, we offer the highest quality medical cannabis in the state and focus on developing select strains of cannabis using cutting-edge techniques. At The ReLeaf Center’s, we do it right!


The ReLEAF Centers are committed to creating a professional medical cannabis experience with a clear orientation toward providing patient-centered care. We adhere to strict policies and procedures that ensure compliance and transparency in our operations, as well as safety for our customer/patients, employees, and the community at large. We will add value to the community through acts of service, educational offerings, and active civic participation.

Within the context of these commitments, The ReLEAF Centers will serve the following specific purposes, which together constitute our mission:

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The ReLeaf Center is excited to provide a full spectrum of health and wellness services with a commitment to cleanliness, quality, security, and comfort for our patients and caregivers. Through our soon to be opened growing and processing facilities, we dispense the best quality medical marijuana available in the state of Michigan.

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