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The ReLEAF Centers are excited to be able to provide
the best quality medical marijuana in the state. In addition, our Chesaning and Niles Provisioning Centers are now open for Recreational Sales.

word on the street

word on

the street

“great company! looking forward to many more visits”

*Verified Customer

Dave Funk

“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!”

*Verified Customer

Bill Schaufelberger

“Great place with quality product and service!”

*Verified Customer

Lisa Gail Zellner

“Great place to get quality meds, wonderful staff!”

*Verified Customer

Kelly Graham

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Meet Our Budtenders

Meet Our



Erik started out his life in a good home. Like most spirited people, he took a walk on the wild side and made some bad decisions.

He started to realize he was affecting those around him during his breaking point. Enough was enough. Soon thereafter he met a medical marijuana grower in Michigan…Erik turned to marijuana for help.

Marijuana helped Erik become more open in every aspect of his life, overcome addiction, and be at peace with himself.

“When I was young, I viewed everything as social groups. Either I wouldn’t get along with them or they wouldn’t get along with me. Marijuana helped me change my perception and drop these barriers. Everyone likes similar shit no matter what social group they come from.”

“Cultures around the world view marijuana with a medicinal purpose to enlighten their mind instead of taking their energy away” like what is believed in western culture. “Weed opens up walls and drops barriers so people can coexist with each other in harmony.”

Best marijuana dispensary near me: ReLEAF… Here’s why:

“Our customer service is A1”

Erik has assisted in a range of customers from cancer patients to people suffering from mental health issues.

Visit the ReLEAF Center and ask Erik about his Cannabis Routine (it’s genius).


Dakota was born and raised in Michigan, rooted in his family and household.

Growing up in that household, Dakota went through much stress without guidance.

Marijuana helped him learn independently and come to his own conclusions at a very young age.

“Cannabis taught me to be open-minded. It made me aware of its healing properties mentally and physically”

Being the natural pioneer that Dakota is, he lets his intuitive wisdom on marijuana guide how to best utilize its healing properties.

Marijuana near me at the ReLEAF Centers:

On the front lines of ReLEAF’s service, Dakota’s explains his favorite part of helping customers out:

“They get to know me, creating the relationship with the customers and expanding their mind on cannabis”

3 types of customers at ReLEAF:

  • Customers who know what they are getting
  • Customers who know what they are getting but aren’t aware of what’s new
  • Customer who want to a mild product


Now seeing how the cannabis industry has evolved, his original knowledge on cannabis can help you start or continue your cannabis journey.


You may see her running bags to the drive-through, but you also may not… she’s pretty fast.

When Taylor first started at the ReLEAF Centers, she was shy and her potential was bottled up, just waiting to be set free.

“I used to be super shy, I felt like everyone was staring at me and I wanted to be home all the time. I’m used to talking to people now. I’m more open.”

Marijuana and working at ReLEAF assisteed Taylor in breaking through her fears and anxieties to become one hell of a woman. With that heart of gold and sincerity, she has a deep respect for each customer that comes to the ReLEAF Centers.

“Everyone is so friendly. Some people take 10 minutes or 20 minutes at a time. They are so respectful and understanding. People would sit outside for 2 hours before COVID with 12 inches of snow. They were standing out waiting for us. It ‘s insane. I’ve had 70 year old people come in. We are all friends. it is like family.”

During the interview you could feel how open her heart was talking about ReLEAF customers.

Recreational marijuana near me at ReLEAF:

“I couldn’t pick a better place to work at to be honest!”

When you come across Taylor at the ReLEAF Centers, here is her message to you:

“I come off shy in the beginning but want everyone to feel like family. There is never a stupid question!”

The staff at ReLEAF pointed out that Taylor’s favorite words are, “Thank you” and “Sorry.”

Marijuana dispensary near me – Taylor’s Specialties:

When you need any help with the Indica strain or advice on edibles, Taylor is your girl.

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